"The Mask Family were a terrific Covid-friendly program for 2020! In full face masks and gloves they came with their own PPE and their size and brightness keeps them safely physically distanced from audiences. In a general sense, the performers are masters of engaging general public in a joyous, silly and fun non-verbal experiences. It was incredibly satisfying as a programmer to see people of all ages (though especially the under 10’s and over 50’s) engage with a skip, hop or a jump and always a giggle or smile. The company members are consummate professionals, adapting, shifting and flexing to ensure the work lands perfectly in every context and their training, experience and ability is so evident in their ensemble work and their subtle shifts." 
Brisbane Festival, QLD


THE MASK FAMILY are a suite of full face, non-verbal, inclusive and magical roving mask theatre acts that connect directly to your audience. Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language dependent, this unique form of roving theatre transcends barriers of age, language and culture.



  • COVID-19 plan approved with performers in costume from head to toe, providing a safe distance between them and attendees 

  • Phenomenal roving entertainment that will amaze any audience – fascinating and highly visually stimulating - they create a spectacle wherever they roam

  • Highly structured, interactive entertainment that is eccentric, colourful, fun and guarantees a great time for all of your guests

  • Brisbane based and available to travel throughout Australia and internationally