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The Mask Family - The Tourists - had a wonderful time entertaining the masses on Saturday at The Big Pineapple Music Festival! . Huge thanks to our team at Instinct International for the opportunity! . “We love the Tourists! So hilarious! Made our festival!” ★★★★★ - Festival Member . To book The Mask Family for your next event contact: Instinct Events & Entertainment . THE TOURISTS . The Tourists is a vibrant, oversized, colourful and playful interactive mask theatre act, specifically tailored for a wide array of events, festivals and occasions. These roaming characters have a mischievous sense of humour and a general air of cheekiness that enables them to provide high quality interactive entertainment that keeps audiences thrilled, and endlessly engaged. ​. REASONS TO BOOK THIS ACT . -A phenomenal walkabout act that will amaze any audience - fascinating, unforgettable and highly visually stimulating, they create a spectacle wherever they roam. -Incredible roaming characters - unlike any you’ve ever seen. -Highly structured interactive entertainment that is eccentric, colourful, fun and guarantees a great time for all of your guests. -Brisbane based and available to travel throughout Australia and New Zealand.​ -The Tourists are able to accessorize their outfits and props with your specific event’s marketing collateral, or with your specific products – they can have your flyer in their bum-bag, your badge on their shirt, your camera in their hand! ​. From mingling with delegates at a conference, or being mischievous with guests at a gala dinner, to being naughty to parents and having fun with children at outdoor family events, The Tourists have exceptional versatility. . @instinct_events_entertainment #instinctmusic #instinctevents #joy#fun #play #laughter #comedy #physicalactor #masktheatre #festival#musicfestival #brisbaneevents #goldcoastevents#sunshinecoastevents #queenslandevents #eventsqueensland#eventsaustralia #australiaevents #artsqueensland

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