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The Mask Family had an absolutely delightful time this year connecting to the hearts of audiences on the streets of Woodford Folk Festival! . - The Mask Family are a suite of full face non-verbal mask theatre acts that connect directly to the heart. This accessible, inclusive, magical roving theatre is sensitive to its audiences and reflective of the increasingly multi-cultural society we live in. .


Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language dependent, this unique form of roving theatre transcends barriers of age, language and culture.


Woodford 2018/19 Program - Website:…/the-programme-book.html



Writer/Director: Clint Bolster

Creative Advisor: Allie Wilde

Costume Designer: Josh MacIntosh

Costume Maker: Joanne Fraher

Performers: Clint Bolster, Allie Wilde, Nick Cilento, David Coombes, Penny Everingham, Chae Lindeman, Frans Vogels, Allen Laverty and Stefan Cooper Fox.

Photographer: Justin Ma

Woodford Photographer: Katie Bennett

Videographer: Cloe Veryard

Rehearsal and On Site Performance Photographer: Barbara Lowing

Rehearsal Venue: Sunpac - Performing Arts Centre

Masks Designed and Made by: Russell Dean, Strangeface Theatre Company UK for Vamos Theatre Company UK.

Funder: Arts Queensland #artsqueensland #artsqld


This Project has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Showcase Program. For more information and bookings visit:


"The Mask Family were an absolute hit with audiences! The performers were incredibly entertaining and engaging! Would highly recommend them for any event! World Class!" ★★★★★ – Johanna Clark, Promotional Staff, The 2018 Commonwealth Games (2018)


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