"Absolutely delightful! A wonderful addition to our festival - delighting our audiences of all ages! World Class!"

★★★★★ - The Awesome Festival For Bright Young Things


MADE TO MEASURE are the quintessential tailors from a bygone era. Always in search of the perfect measurement, they engage in playful games with members of the crowd, and with their surroundings, as they wander through your event areas and captivate your audience. People will be queuing up to have their photos taken with them!


MADE TO MEASURE is an energetic, dynamic and interactive mask theatre act, specifically tailored for a wide array of events, festivals and occasions. This magnificent walkabout act will ensure that your guests have a brilliant time that puts a smile on their faces — a memorable experience for young and old.






  • COVID-19 plan approved with performers in costume from head to toe, providing a safe distance between them and attendees 

  • Amusing characters that provide playful, and slightly mischievous entertainment

  • Fantastic roaming performers that will ensure there is never a dull moment at your event

  • Family-friendly entertainment delivered by elite, professional roaming characters

  • Brisbane based yet available to travel throughout Australia and New Zealand.