"The English Bobbies were an absolute hit with audiences! The performers were incredibly entertaining and engaging! Would highly recommend them for any event! World Class!"
Johanna Clark, The 2018 Commonwealth Games 


THE ENGLISH BOBBIES is a show-stopping, interactive and comical mask theatre walkabout act, specifically tailored for a wide array of festivals, events and occasions. THE ENGLISH BOBBIES, dressed in the iconic original English police constable uniforms, bring hilarious slapstick, comic timing and occasional buffoonery to keep the crowds laughing.


The perfect entertainment choice if you're looking to bring some "order" to your next event. THE ENGLISH BOBBIES are guaranteed to delight and amuse guests whatever the occasion, creating fits of laughter wherever they appear. This unforgettable act is certain to leave a lasting impression - just what you need to make your event stand out from the crowd!


  • COVID-19 plan approved with performers in costume from head to toe, providing a safe distance between them and attendees 

  • Hilarious physical comedy routines and brilliant improvisation

  • The perfect meet and greet characters, guest 'movers' (perfect for moving your guests throughout an event or from space-to-space)

  • Fantastic photo opportunities with performers able to stage stunning and theatrical tableaux shots for that beautiful event keep-sake

  • Based in Brisbane and available throughout Australia and New Zealand.