"Just wanted to say a HUGE congrats. What a lovely, beautiful piece of work you have created, particularly over this last 4 week period. I thought it was just gorgeous and the artistry of all the performers was brilliant. We have nothing like this on our stages, so I sincerely hope this work keeps going and thousands and thousands of people and little people get to experience this show." 

Indelability Arts, QLD


THE GOLDEN OLDIES are a mobile, interactive and comical mask theatre act, specifically tailored for a wide array of festivals and events. The Golden Oldies are the quintessential elderly folk from a bygone era! Recently escaped from the local respite home, equipped with zimmer frames and knitting needles –coupled withold show tunes - this formattable trio of friends bring hilarity to all in sundry. The perfect entertainment choice if you’re looking to bring some nostalgia to your event. Our Oldies are guaranteed to delight and amuse guests creating fits of laughter wherever they appear. This unforgettable visual act is certain to leave a long-lasting snapshot in the memory of your guests – just what you need for your event!


Please Note:
This act is available either as a Roving Act or as a work of Visual Interactive Installation Theatre.




• An incredible roving act offering fully interactive experiences.

• World-class visual entertainment.

• Hilarious comedy routines and brilliant improvisation.

• Unique roaming characters unlike any you’ve ever seen.

• Fantastic Video opportunities - able to stage stunning choreographed routines for that beautiful event keep-sake.

• Based in Brisbane and available throughout Australia, New Zealand & Asia.