The Tourists is a vibrant, oversized, colourful and playful interactive mask theatre act, specifically tailored for a wide array of events, festivals and occasions. These roaming characters have a mischievous sense of humour and a general air of cheekiness that enables them to provide high-quality interactive entertainment that keeps audiences thrilled, and endlessly engaged.


  • A phenomenal walkabout act that will amaze any audience - fascinating, unforgettable and highly visually stimulating, they create a spectacle wherever they roam.

  • Incredible roaming characters -  unlike any you’ve ever seen.

  • Highly structured, interactive entertainment that is eccentric, colourful, fun and guarantees a great time for all of your guests.

  • Brisbane based and available to travel throughout Australia and New Zealand.

  • The Tourists can accessorise their outfits and props with your specific event’s marketing collateral, or with your particular products – they can have your flyer in their bum-bag, your badge on their shirt, your camera in their hand!

From mingling with delegates at a conference, or being mischievous with guests at a gala dinner, to being naughty to parents and having fun with children at outdoor family events, The Tourists have exceptional versatility.



"The Mask Family were a huge hit at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Public Viewing Events (Race Walk, Cycling Time Trial and Cycling Road Race).  Many of the spectators stopped the ‘tourists’ for happy snaps and enjoyed a chin wag, while the Lollypop Ladies had the crowds ‘laughing and hopping’ their way through the events, providing much entertainment for both the young and old (including myself)!" 

-Jules Delemare - LOUD Events (2018)

"Thank you for bringing The Lollypop Ladies and The Tourists to The Red Earth Arts Festival! They were the perfect fit; fun, colourful, entertaining and unique - creating a trail of laughter and vibrancy wherever they went."


-Emily Zimmerle - The Red Part Arts Festival - Western Australia (2018)